Teamwork Training Workshops and Seminars


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Teamwork Training Workshops


Paddy Driscoll MSc (CAB), APDT (UK)



Paddy is pleased to be in a position to offer day workshops and seminars.

Dogs Behaving Badly: dogs that don’t get on with other dogs


A mixture of PowerPoint presentation and practical work with dogs, the Dogs Behaving Badly days are aimed at the experienced dog owner and hobby trainer, as well as behaviourists who want a practical introduction to how to deal with dog/dog aggression cases. The emphasis is on how to help dogs improve in their interactions with dogs outside their own family.

Suitable for those woho work with or own any dog that shows aggression or barking directed at other dogs, including dogs that go to dog shows and competition environments.


Show Off!


The Show Off! days used to be a central part of Paddy’s workshop programme and she is pleased to be reintroducing them.  Troubleshooting workshops which will cover whatever problems handlers bring to the day. Typically days cover motivation, how to reward dogs effectively and appropriately in and for the show environment, dogs that back off judges or won’t be handled and general behaviour and training issues. Although Paddy is not showing these days, her training and behaviour skills are still very relevant in helping exhibitors in getting the best from their dogs.


Suitable for exhibitors, judges and ringcraft trainers.


Take The Class


Aimed at class and club instructors, these workshops are tailored to whatever an organisation wants. Past workshops have included Ÿworking with difficult owners Ÿ problematic dog behaviour and the class environment Ÿteaching specific exercises (e.g. loose lead walking) Ÿcourse and class planning Ÿinstructing technique Ÿapplied learning theory including clicker training.


They are an excellent way to increase the knowledge of new class instructors and to bring out and show off the existing skills the experienced instructors have. They can be classroom based, or they can be practical ‘hands on’ days with the participants’ own dogs. Your day – your choice!


Although they will reflect a positive ethos towards dog training, the days are not prescriptive about what methods an organisation should use.




About Paddy


Paddy has worked and run a business as a dog trainer and behaviour adviser for more than 20 years under the name Teamwork Training, having been a hobby trainer and ‘dog person’ since she first made her way into the breed show ring in 1969 with the family pet Keeshond. She has run ringcraft, agility, puppy and competitive obedience classes in addition to her specialist classes and 121 work helping owners with dogs with more challenging behaviour.


Paddy has never stopped looking for ways to improve how we work with our dogs as well as just have fun teaching and training them. She has always been keen to embrace effective new ideas and knowledge. From establishing the innovative and revolutionary idea of ‘puppy classes’ back in the 1970s, inspired by the example of Ian Dunbar, through to gaining a Masters degree (with a distinction) in Clinical Animal Behaviour in 2014 under the teaching of leading veterinary behaviourists Prof Daniel Mills and Helen Zulch. In 2016 her research on behavioural traits in Border Collies and Labradors was published by Nature Magazine’s Scientific Reports and became one of the top 100 reads that year. She has taught on degree and MSc courses at Bishop Burton College.


In 1996 Paddy was the first Brit to attend a ‘Don’t Shoot the Dog!’ Seminar presented by Karen Pryor and Gary Wilkes in the USA. With the help of the brilliant trainer Jo Hill, her dogs were probably the first clicker trained dogs to win in obedience (a ‘C only’ dog, Darkbeck Griff BEx). Her dogs have also won in agility (Grade 3 with Rakatak Rhapsody’n Black) and in the show ring with the first clicker trained show champion (Ch Springfarm Dance Time).  Clicker training has now become part and parcel of modern dog training - easy to forget it was virtually unheard of 20+ years ago.


In 2011 Paddy established yet another new and innovative idea for the time, The Gnasher Club. A Club set up to support the needs of owners with unsociable dogs, the Gnasher Club evolved from Paddy’s work with aggressive behaviour which by about 2005 formed most of her one to one work. She is currently working with some rescue shelters in staff development and support, as well as advising on dog behaviour and training.

Now she has taken a step back from one to one behaviour work and classes, and is offering workshops. All workshops can be adapted to suit individual club’s and organisations’ needs. She would be pleased to discuss any ideas you have for individually tailored seminars or workshops for your club or organisation.


She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (UK).