How we train

Teamwork Training supports up to date, evidence based training and behaviour work, and aims to be consistent with the ethos of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (UK) "Kind, fair and effective".

But more than that - we want to see cheerful, happy and confident dogs. We want to see dogs being allowed to be dogs. We like dogs having fun! 

We use what are broadly described as "positive" methods. We don't intentionally use aversives or punishments. We don't force dogs to do things they are scared of doing, nor do we intentionally behave in a way that will cause them stress or harm. We don't use "correction" collars or equipment designed to punish behaviour. 

We aim to use techniques grounded in evidence based knowledge (where we know it exists), as well as many years practical experience and success in training dogs,  and adapt them according to the individual dog and owner needs. 

We aim to support both dog, owners and other dog trainers in a constructive and effective way. 

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