Monthly Archives: March 2024

Motivation and persistence

Do you find sometimes the effort involved in getting something you want just isn’t worth the hassle?

Take a concert locally. It looked appealing to me. So, I went online to the link to book a ticket. Because I can’t walk very far, I can only go if I can park relatively close by. Half an hour later I still haven’t managed to find precisely where the car parks are, and have failed to register with their car parking payment system (necessary apparently in order to park there) which I hoped might give me some clues. The venue’s website doesn’t include a map with the car parks labelled so   – even with the help of Mrs Google and her maps and images – I can’t see where they are or how far I would have to walk.

I am pretty tech savvy. I know how to use smart phones. Give me another half hour and I could get the answers I need. But the hassle? Before I even get to book the concert – well, just not worth it. I don’t want it that much and so I am choosing not to go. Lazy? Perhaps. But who expends a lot of time and energy pursuing a goal they just don’t want enough? Why persist with trying to achieve a goal you don’t want very much?

Where’s the dog training lesson in this? If we – or our dogs – don’t want the outcome enough, and we make it just too challenging to achieve the outcome, then tbh, they just won’t want to bother. The difference is they don’t find themselves tempted into writing a blog post about the experience 🙂

Half asleep bored Golden Retriever