Hi I’m Paddy – I am a dog trainer and behaviour adviser living in the East Midlands (England). I have run my dog training and behaviour business – Teamwork Training – since 1996. Until recently working mostly with aggressive and reactive behaviour, but I used to teach competitive obedience amongst a number of other sorts of classes too. These days I run Teamwork Training Skills Support, which is a mentoring and support service for trainers and behaviourists trying to make their own way in the dog training world.

I have been a course junkie in my time and have dabbled or competed in a lot of dog training activities, but that frequently took a back seat as I often had rescue dogs that needed help with just being dogs and yes, from time to time, I have quite simply messed things up so my dogs haven’t made it to where I wanted them to reach! But as some guru or another must have said somewhere we learn through our mistakes so I hope they have made a me a better trainer and dog person.

A lifetime’s experience aside, I also have a Masters degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour from the excellent University of Lincoln, so in theory I have the theory as well.